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Delayed Clot in Ped Tube

Another great question from Kim Kinney at Clarian:

Hi again George.  I have an observation that I am wondering if anyone else has noticed.  We use full-draw, BD glass tubes for all of coagulation, but we have had the 1.8 mL pediatric tube come in from Riley Children’s Hospital for PT/PTT.  We always check for a clot before spinning.  We often get a warning on a normal PT (say, 11.0 s) on these 1.8 mL tubes indicating the fib level may be low.  When we re-check the tube for clots, we then pull out a visible clot.

Could these tubes be activated due to, for example, a difficult stick and the process of spinning causes the visible clots to form?  It has only happened as far as I know in the 1.8 mL tubes–just curious!

Hi, Kim. Thank you for the question. I have no experience with the 1.8 mL tubes and will post this for our participants with experience to respond. Geo

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