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A Daunting Task: Validating 13 New Analyzers

Kim Kinney at Indiana University Medical Center (and Clarian) wrote: 
Hi George, We are about to validate our new Beckman Coulter coag equipment.  We will have three TOP analyzers at our central lab and ten Elites at our beltways, north and west hospitals and our ED lab. We will have all 13 pieces of equipment here to validate and then we will place each piece after the major sections of the validation are complete.  I was wondering if anyone had ever done a large validation before with multiple pieces of equipment?  We are going to have a common reference range for all for PT/PTTs and fibrinogen level.

What is the most efficient way to establish your reference ranges across multiples

and also peform the correlations between all of the equipment?  How many normal specimens should we run, and can we used them across all the platforms? Any suggestion would be a great help in this huge project! Kim

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