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D-dimer and FDPs

Here are the results for our 12/11/08 quick question, “What assay do you use to detect abnormalities in fibrinolysis such as DIC?

This question was a little ambiguous in that it didn’t provide a way to answer multiple assays. Many of us use the D-dimer and fibrinogen assay in parallel to detect and monitor DIC. Here are the results:

Fibrin degradation products (FDP): 12 (13.04%)

Euglobulin clot lysis: 1 (1.09%)

Fibrinogen: 10 (10.87%)

D-dimer 69 (75%)

I suspect more people use fibrinogen with the D-dimer. It is interesting, however that many of us still use the FDP assay. I suspect this is primarily used in acute care facilities that do not have an automated D-dimer. It’s also apparent the old euglobulin clot lysis test has been honorably emeritated (if that is a word).


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