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Congresio Nacional de Microbiologia, Part 2

Here are the handouts for the remaining two lectures provided by Margaret Fritsma, MA MT (ASCP) SBB and me at the VI Congreso Nacional de Microbiologia, 29-30 de Junio y 1 de Julio de 2010 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The first two lecture handoutswere posted on July 15, 2010. Today’s additional presentation handouts areAdministracion de Sangre: Mejorar la practica Transfusional, Disminuir Costos!, andTerapia para Hemofilia; Desde Rasputin a los Recombinantes. I also want to acknowledge our translator, Maria “Auxi” Valladares, and again our kind hostess, Dra Milena Vanegas, MSc. The handouts are provided en Espanol and in English:

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