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Coagulation References

Hello, I am a a critical care physician and I find difficulty to approach the bleeding and coagulation results of a patients; any advice?

Hello, and thank you for your question. Though self-promotional, I would like to recommend our pocket-size handbook, Marques MB, Fritsma GA. Quick Guide to Coagulation Testing, Second Edition, American Association for Clinical Chemistry, 2009. The book is designed to provide convenient clinical support and can be carried in a lab coat pocket. For more in-depth information, consider Rodak BF, Fritsma GA, Doig K. Hematology Clinical Principles and Applications, Third Edition, Elsevier, 2007. This is a general hematology textbook with several comprehensive coagulation chapters, and a new edition is due in February, 2011. You can order both books from AACC. Geo.

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