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Checking Platelet Poor Plasma

Hemostasis laboratories prepare platelet poor plasma (PPP), plasma with a platelet count below 10,000/uL for clot-based procedures. The CAP doesn’t specify how the laboratory validates their specimens to ensure they are PPP. Please summarize your protocol for our participants. Thank you.

Added May 1, 2018: One facility validates all centrifuges, then “pulls” one random specimen per centrifuge every six months. They target 10,000/uL for routine and 5,000/uL for special coagulation, for instance, lupus anticoagulant testing.

Another, Heather DeVries at Indiana University Health requires that individual results of 10 samples be <10,000, but that the average msut be <5000/uL.

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Specimen Management
May 9, 2018 10:45am

We select 4 samples with PLT
We select and centrifuge 4 samples with PLT counts >150,000/mm^3 including 1 >400,000/mm^3. We remove the plasma and analyze for PLT count on the XN hematology analyzer. This is performed every 6 months.

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