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Checking for Clots

Another note from Kim in Indianapolis at Clarian:

We still routinely check each coag tube for a clot with applicator sticks. Our work load is to the point that this step is taking too much time. I would like to give this step up and have techs check after they are resulted but before verifying certain samples. I would like to know how other institutions handle this problem. Are there low and high cut offs that when exceeded, techs check for clots?

Thanks for the help, Kim

Kim, I know of at least one institution that keeps data on all their units and only check clots from the least reliable units, usually the ER. This has cut the workload without compromising results.

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Apr 8, 2010 10:04am

Our coagulation laboratory is located in a large private hos
Our coagulation laboratory is located in a large private hospital. We discontinued checking for clots two years ago, mainly as a safety issue to protect our staff from exposure to blood. However, only coagulation specimens collected by our hospital laboratory phlebotomy staff are unchecked. Specimens from ER, surgery, outpatient stations, or any other specimens that are collected by non-laboratory phlebotomists are still checked with applicator sticks. After two years, we have not experienced any coagulation testing problems using this protocol.

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