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Case Study: 26 YO Female with Chronic Bleed

Here is a case sent by Ashli Jarrell, an articulation student in the University of Cincinnati online CLS program. I will leave the answer open for a few days to get your opinion:

Hi, George.

I have an interesting case: 26 YO female. History: nosebleeds since age 3; age 5 tonsillectomy with increased bleeding post-op; age 7 admitted to hospital for bruising and nosebleeds, lymphocytic leukemia negative; required transfusions after auto accident and labor. Began menstruation at age 12 with periods lasting three weeks. At times requires FFP to control bleeding. Family history: Mom and dad are living and well; brother and sister living with no bleeding problems. Lab results: PT 23 s; PTT >200 s; TT 21 s; fibrinogen 250 mg/dL; mixed PT 11 s; mixed PTT 28 s.

Please help!
Thanks, Ashli

Please select “comment” to respond. Geo.

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