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Bethesda Titer Method

Kim Kinney from Clarian headed this “one last question.” Kim, I hope this is not your last question, we love to hear from you.

We at Clarian are moving our Bethesda assay from our MDA to our TOP.  We use a residual VIII method where we calculate the residual VIII in a mixture of patient and normal pool using a control mixture VIII.  This method has worked well on the MDA.  When we tried to set up the same test on our TOP, our control is assaying much lower compared to what we get on the MDA.  We used an unknown purchased from George King and we were very close with the MDA method, but not so great (lower) on the TOP method.  I was wondering if anyone would like to share their procedure so I can compare to what we are doing.  Any advice would be welcome!

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