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Automated D-dimer on a Lipemic Specimen

Hi George! I have a question. Recently, we were asked by the ER to perform a D-dimer to R/O a DVT on a sample that was lipemic. I would categorize it as grossly lipemic. We use the Stago which uses a method based on the absorbency of light passed through the reaction mixture. Could we have used the plasma form an airfuged sample to perform the D-dimer?

Joe Lamb, MT (ASCP)
Hematology/Blood Bank Supervisor
St. Francis Hospital Laboratory
Columbus, GA 31904
Hi, Joe. Lucky for you and me, I am at the ISTH in Boston and was able to ask Chris Danieli at Stago, and also Dave McGlasson and Dr. Larry Brace. Dave has done a study using triglyceride levels and showed the D-dimer was valid at least up to 1000 mg/dL. He has also shown that airfuged specimens give comparable results. Dr. Brace said the internal dilutions of the instrument were sufficient to compensate for the lipemia. Chris asks if you have any aliquots of the specimen you can share, she would like them for further lipemia studies.

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