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August Quick Question: Fibrinolysis

Here are the results of our August, 2017 Quick Question with 68 total votes:

How do you test for fibrinolysis?

a. TEG or TEM: 9 (13%)
b. D-dimer: 36 (53%)
c. Plasminogen: 0 (0%)
d. PAI-1: 1 (1%)
e. D-dimer plus plasminogen: 10 (15%)
f. D-dimer, plasminogen, and PAI-1: 6 (9%)
f. We don’t test for fibrinolysis: 6 (9%)

This confirms George’s suspicion that few of us perform comprehensive fibrinolysis testing, although it is encouraging to learn 16 of us add plasminogen or plasminogen + PAI-1 to D-dimer. It would be instructive to follow up with clinical conditions and outcomes.

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