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ASCLS Annual Meeting June 26–30

The ASCLS, AGT, and SAFMLS hybrid annual meeting [JAM] is planned for June 26–30, 2022 in Grand Rapids, MI. Click here for the details. George presents Operating Room Hemostasis Testing Wednesday, June 29, in-person 1:45–2:45 ET. The talk includes how the OR employs the activated clotting time or viscoelastometry to monitor heparin superdosing and reversal. We will also discuss viscoelastometry to measure global hemostasis conditions to detect platelet function defects, coagulopathies, fibrinogen levels, and hyperfibrinolysis.

George asks, does your ER or OR use viscoelastometry, what instrument do you use, and what is the interaction between laboratory practitioners and those who are operating TEGs, ROTEMS, or QUANTRAs?

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