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Any Relationship Between RVV and D-dimer?

From Vilas Hiremath:

Hello, I have spiked normal pooled plasma with crude Russell viper venom (RVV) in different concentrations. The D-dimer  is negative. Your comments please.

Hello again,Vilas Hiremath, and thank you for another thought-provoking question. I know of no reason to anticipate a positive D-dimer from a clotting assay on normal plasma, be it RVV, prothrombin time, or partial thromboplastin time. The fibrin that is the endpoint of a clotting assay is not cross-linked, as there is no opportunity for factor XIIIa to act, so it would not produce D-dimer, even if there were time for in vitro fibrinolysis.

Given that the RVV (Stypven time) is seldom used these days, I am curious about your experiments. If you are in a position to share information, are you working on a new assay? “What’s old is new again.”

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