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Anti-Xa Kit and Equipment Distributors

Good evening Mr. George,

My name is Lydie Edwige. I’m a post graduate student in China Pharmaceutical University (Nanjing), majoring in clinical pharmacy. I’m doing my internship in Gulou Hospital (Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital). I would like to do some research about the coagulation factor X using the measurement of FXa activity. I read your article about the chromogenic factor X assay and I would like to ask you where can I possibly be able to buy the machine I need to perform my experiment? I was wondering also whether you can help me by sending me a catalogue of the appropriate machine, and the price of the machine.

Thank you,
Lydie Edwige, China Pharmaceutical University,

Hello, Lydie, and thank you for your question.

There are several reputable companies that distribute kits and instruments for measuring the chromogenic factor Xa, including SiemensTrinityBeckman-Coulter, andDiagnostica Stago. I don’t know which of these companies markets to China, but if you follow the links I have provided you will see each company’s equipment catalogue and sales contacts. Further, several of our subscribers are coagulation researchers who may see this and be able to offer you advice. Best wishes in your project.

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