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2017 NASTH Fellowship

Second notice, forwarded on behalf of the North American Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis:

Dear NASTH Members,
The deadline for Mentor Requests for the 2017 Fellowships is extended to February 10.
We are in the midst of our application period for the 2017 NASTH Sponsored Research Fellowships, an 8 – 10 week program for 1st, 2nd or 3rd year medical school students, PhD students, or MD/PhD students working on targeted research projects in hemostasis and thrombosis. Proposed projects may be lab-based, clinical or epidemiologic in design. The program includes a $5,000 fellowship stipend, collaboration with a research mentor, and a $2,000 travel allowance to present research findings at the 2018 THSNA Summit.
For students who don’t have an identified mentor and would like assistance finding a match, Mentor Request Forms must be submitted by February 10. Applications are due March 30.
This is a competitive process and up to three fellowships will be awarded. More Information (click or tap).
Mentors Needed
Please let us know if you would like to serve as a mentor for this program. Responsibilities include assisting the applicant with the development of a research project plan, and then if the applicant is successful, overseeing the research project and providing career guidance and support. Mentors/their labs receive a $1,000 expense stipend. If you are willing to serve as a mentor, please email us ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience, and include your research area (platelets, coagulation & fibrinolysis, vascular biology, thrombotic or hemorrhagic disorders) and whether your focus is clinical, basic, translational, epidemiology or public health.


Rodney Camire
NASTH Board Chair
Plazak Associates
18 Tremont Street, 10th Floor
Boston MA 02108,

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