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Northeast Laboratory Conference 10/18–10/19 2022

At the 2022 Northeast Laboratory Conference, October 18 and 19, I [Geo] presented “Antithrombotic Therapy, Whatever Happened to Warfarin?” Tuesday, October 18, 10–11:30. The 2022 Northeast Laboratory Conference offers educational seminars in all laboratory disciplines and skill levels, the Conference has earned its reputation as one of the finest laboratory conferences in the United States. Between seminars, you can visit the exhibit hall where you can connect with over 70 exhibitor companies demonstrating the latest in clinical laboratory instrumentation, supplies, and services. With attendees registering from all over the northeastern U.S. and beyond, take this chance to visit with old friends and colleagues and explore new networking opportunities. Portland’s historic and friendly character provides the perfect setting for our dynamic and exciting conference. Added after the lecture: I forgot to mention that when switching from an anti-Xa DOAC to UFH, the chromogenic anti-Xa can’t be trusted, as it measures both. You can estimate the heparin level with the PTT until the DOAC is gone.

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