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What is SEER Sonorheometry?

A colleague saw our January 10, 2017 entry describing T2MR, an emerging global hemostasis methodology, and responded with information about sonic estimation of elasticity via resonance (SEER) sonorheometry, a non-contact technology that employs ultrasound to measure whole blood parameters similar to the viscoelasticity data generated in thromboelastography (TEG) and thromboelastometry (TEM). The technology measures acoustic wave forms to generate clot intiation time (TC1), clot stabilization (TC2), clot “stiffness,” and clotting angle (theta). Like current updates of TEG and TEM, sonorheometry and T2MR are cartridge-based point of care instruments that employ small whole blood volumes and may be used to direct platelet concentrate, factor concentrate, plasma, and antifibrinloytic therapy. The attached article provides graphic sonorheometry technology descriptions and compares the technology to existing coagulation tests.

Mauldin FW, Viola F, Hamer TC, et al. Adaptive force sonorheometry for assessment of whole blood coagulation. Clin Chim Acta. 2010;411:638–44.


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