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WFH Guidelines: Third Edition

On August 4, 2020 the World Federation of Hemophilia announced the publication of the WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia, 3rd edition, 2020 [click for the publication]. The guidelines were developed by a team of experts from around the world and have been updated to reflect important developments in the management of hemophilia since the publication of the 2nd edition in 2013. Highlights:

  • Includes 337 practical recommendations.
  • Informed by the best available evidence and supplemented with expert opinion and patient preference.
  • Each chapter panel included a minimum of 25% membership of people with hemophilia or parents.
  • New chapters added: Prophylaxis, Inhibitors, Genetic Assessment, Outcomes.
  • Comprehensive new sections on: Self-management, transition from pediatric to adult care, carriers, management of comorbidities and medical issues with aging.
  • Recommendation for heat deactivation as a preliminary step in the Nijmegen-Bethesda factor VIII/IX  inhibitor assay.

Led by content leads, Dr. Alok Srivastava and Dr Glenn Pierce, the Guidelines offer up-to-date guidance and practical recommendations on the diagnosis and management of hemophilia, including the management of musculoskeletal complications and inhibitors, updates to laboratory diagnosis and genetic assessments, as well as new recommendations on outcome assessments.

Thanks to Dean Willett, Precision BioLogic Inc for the head’s-up on this publication.

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