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Quick Question: Measuring ASA Response Results

Our November, 2018 Quick Question asked, “How do you measure aspirin response?” The question attracted a gratifying 71 answers to a relatively esoteric question. Here are the responses:

a. Siemens PFA-100: 19 (27%)
b. Werfen Accriva VerifyNow Aspirin 19 (27%)
c. Light transmittance aggregometry 6 (8%)
d. Whole blood impedance aggregometry 8 (11%)
e. AspirinWorks (11-dehydrothromboxane B2) 2 (3%)
f. We don’t measure aspirin response 17 (24%)

Given recent publications advocating for weight-based aspirin dosing and others describing aspirin’s inability to provide protection for people with no arterial thrombosis risk factors, it seems important to monitor aspirin for both efficacy and dosage. Our results show that many have caught on to this need, and that there is no platform uniformity. We’ve also shown that there is little uniformity among the results of various platforms, though there is evidence for increased cardiovascular events among those who are poor aspirin responders. Thanks to everyone for responding, and I’m sure there will be more information on aspirin efficacy published in the future.

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