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QQ Responses: Platelet Function

Here are the results of our November, 2014 Quick Question:

What platelet function test do you use for platelet function disorders and/or for aspirin and clopidogrel efficacy?

a. Siemens PFA-100: 35%, 24 votes
b, Accumetrics VerifyNow: 25%, 17 votes
c. Light transmittance aggregometry: 18%, 12 votes
d. None: 10%, 7 votes
e. Whole blood impedance aggregometry: 9%, 6 votes
f. Helena PlateletWorks, 3%, 2 votes
Total: 68 votes

No surprises here, although as always, I advocate for whole blood impedance aggregometry as a simpler, more reproducible, and more physiologic approach than light transmittance aggregometry, which demands a large specimen and greater specimen manipulation. The Siemens PFA-100 is a popular means for platelet function screening, however it is not cleared for aspirin or clopidogrel efficacy measurement. I left off the Multiplate for now as it is recently cleared for these indications, however I’d welcome any comments on its value.

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