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PRP Gel, Platelet Substitute

Another interesting discussion from our UMDNJ graduate Hemostasis course:

About 6 years back, I caught wind of a discussion regarding platelet substitutes, which I found quite intriguing. I did some digging as a result of this discussion and am amazed by the potential of such technologies. It appears that platelet rich plasma (PRP) gel has been around for some time, more than two decades according to Carter, et al. (2011). Do you know how often and in what circumstances such a technology as PRP gel is utilized?

I also found a very interesting article discussing ongoing research in platelet substitutes. Kresie (2001) details platelet substitutes under development, which include infusible platelet membranes (IPM), thrombospheres, and lyophilized human platelets. Does anyone know if there have been any more recent updates regarding these technologies?

Carter MJ, Fylling CP, Parnell LKS. Use of platelet rich plasma gel on wound healing: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2011. Retrieved on January 28, 2012 from

Kresie L. Artificial blood: an update on current red cell and platelet substitutes. BUMC Proceedings, 2001, 14: 158-161. Retrieved on January 28, 2012 from

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