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October 2020 Quick Question: Inflammatory Marker Results

Our October, 2020 Quick Question was, “What inflammation assay does your lab use to assess SARS-CoV-2 progression?” The  question attracted 223 votes, a record turnout, but the answers were phrased in a way that directed us to a single answer! Here are the results:

  1. CRP: 7% [16]
  2. ESR: 0%
  3. Ferritin: 1% [2]
  4. IL-6: 3% [7]
  5. Procalcitonin: 2% [4]
  6. Combination: 87% [194]

This month’s only conclusive take-away is the indication that few or no labs are continuing to use the obsolete erythrocyte sedimentation rate assay. Watch for a more useful inflammatory marker survey soon.

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