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Northeast Laboratory Conference, October 17 and 18

the Northeast Laboratory Conference is this week, Tuesday, October 17, and Wednesday, October 18 at the Holiday Inn By the Bay, 88 Spring Street, Portland Main. I [Geo] lead an interactive session, “Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy and Massive Transfusion Protocol,” geared toward Hematology, Hemostasis, and Transfusion Medicine specialists from 10–11:30. Click here for the handout. My second interactive session is meant for all lab science specialties, “Clumsy Clinical Communication, Let’s Blame the Lab” runs from 3:30–5, just before the wine and cheese reception. Click here to download the handout for our second session.

Among many excellent sessions, transfusion medicine specialists will want to attend a presentation by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Prof. Brianna Miller, “Transfusion Intricacies of the Sickle Cell Population,” 8:30–10 on Wednesday morning, and Dr. Susan LeClair, University of Massachusetts Professor Emeritus, presents, “Influence of Genetic Testing on the Identification, Prognosis, and Potential Treatment of CLL” at 10:00 to 11:30, a treat for hematology lab devotees.

You will also want to visit with the conference’s sixty-one exhibitors. See you in Portland, Maine!



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