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May 2023 Quick Question: DTI

Our May 2023 Quick Question asks, “Which DOAC is a direct thrombin inhibitor? Our 70 respondents chose…

  1. Dabigatran [Pradaxa]: 56 [80%]
  2. Rivaroxaban [Xarelto]: 3 [4%]
  3. Apixaban [Eliquis]: 3 [4%]
  4. Warfarin [Coumadin]: 7 [10%]
  5. Clopidogrel [Plavix]: [2%]

Dabigatran is the direct thrombin inhibitor, whereas rivaroxaban and apixaban are direct anti-Xa inhibitors. Clopidogrel is an antiplatelet antithrombotic. Warfarin is not a direct anticoagulant, it is a time-honored oral vitamin K antagonist [VKA]. As an aside, the manufacturer has dropped the trademark Coumadin as many generic VKAs are now available. Thanks to all for your participation.

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