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May 2022 QQ: Thrombosis Risk Profile

Our May 2022 Quick Question asks, “What assay should be deleted from the thrombosis risk factor profile?” Thrombosis risk testing has been available to us since von Kaulla first described “antithrombin 3” deficiency in 1972 using the “serum antithrombin” test. It gained momentum when Dahlbach described activated protein C resistance in 1994, and thrombosis risk testing profiles are now ordered routinely, often without patient indications.

On April 25–30 we observed the international Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.  In tribute, George published a 30-minute educational module entitled Clumsy Coag Communication, Let’s Blame the Lab. I invite you to access the module and consider slides 26 to the end that altogether discuss reducing the number of thrombosis risk profile orders to specific indications.

Meanwhile, although you may choose alternatives, there is one answer that stands out as an assay that should be deleted from the profile. As always, feel free to add your comments below.

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