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March 2022 Quick Question Summary

The stem of our March 2022 Quick Question was, “How do you measure the anti-Xa DOACs rivaroxaban or apixaban?” The question drew 33 responses and here are the answer selections:

  1. We don’t measure the anti-Xa DOACs: 24% [8]
  2. Chromogenic anti-Xa using DOAC-specific calibrators and controls: 64% [21]
  3. Chromogenic anti-Xa using the unfractionated heparin curve: 3% [1]
  4. Chromogenic anti-Xa using the hybrid heparin curve: 9% [3]
  5. Partial thromboplastin time: 0
  6. Prothrombin time: 0

As indicated by Dr. Mayukh Sarfar, IL/Werfen offers an FDA-approved apixaban [Eliquis] calibrator and control set for use on their ACL Top analyzers. All other calibrator and control sets are employed in the US on a research use only [RUO] basis as they await approval. A handful of respondents estimate their DOAC activities from an unfractionated or hybrid heparin curve.

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