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June, 2022 Quick Question Summary: VET Instruments

Our June 2022 Quick Question asked, “What viscoelastometry [VET] equipment is employed in your ER or OR?” Out total response was 22 participants. Answers:

  1. Thromboelastograph 5000 [TEG]: 18% [4]
  2. Thromboelastograph 6S [TEG]: 18% [4]
  3. Thromboelastometry [ROTEM]: 23% [5]
  4. Quantra Qplus: 0
  5. Sienco Sonoclot: 0
  6. Our lab doesn’t manage VET testing: 41% [9]

At the June 27–29 ASCLS meeting in Grand Rapids, MI, I [Geo] spoke on “OR Hemostasis Testing.” In discussions with colleagues at the University of Alabama in Birmingham Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, and Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, Indiana, it is clear that many OR and ER personnel manage viscoelastometry without laboratory staff collaboration. Except for “platelet the VETs are designed to be near-patient instruments, however, it may be that the laboratory staff could assist with quality assurance and interpretation of instrument tracings.

Although the Sienco Sonoclot has been available since 1979 and has several USA users, the majority of instruments have been distributed to China, Japan, and Northern Europe. The Hemosonics Quantra is a recent release that is likely to gain traction in the future.

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