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July, 2021 Quick Question: Covid Inflammatory Cell Results

Our July, 2021 Quick Question was, “Which cell is the main cause of thrombo-inflammation in a COVID-19 infection?” We had 43 respondents to our selections:

  1. Endothelial cell: 35% [15]
  2. Platelet: 44% [19]
  3. Monocyte-macrophage: 12% [5]
  4. polymorphonuclear neutrophil: 9% [4]

There’s no right answer, as all of these cells are involved in inflammation, however, many who study Covid-triggered thrombosis point to the interaction between endothelial cytokine secretions and platelet activation. However, just to give them their due, monocytes and macrophages produce, among several cytokines, tissue factor, which activates factor VII, and PMNs produce neutrophil extracellular traps [NETs] that activate factor XII.

Refer to our educational modules selection for George’s presentation, “Covid-coag,” appearing on August 10. Meanwhile, click here for the lecture handout. Thank you for participating in our Quick Question and watch for new QQs monthly.


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