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January 2024 Quick Question: Platelet Function Tests

Our January 2024 question is a poll submitted by Dave McGlasson, asking, “What platelet function test do you use?” While light transmittance aggregometry [LTA] has been available since the mid-1960s and is regarded by many as the reference method for platelet function testing, many have switched to the simpler whole blood aggregometry [WBA]. Our answers include “lumiaggregometry” as a separate choice, though lumiaggregometry is often a channel added to LTA [LTLA] or WBA [WBLA]. As our poll system uses “forced choice,” Please choose “lumiaggregometry” if your instrument provides either LTLA or WBLA and add your comment below. The PFA-100 or the more recent PFA-200 [available outside the USA] is a screen often employed by acute care facilities that do not offer aggregometry and is considered to be an upgrade to the time-honored bleeding time [BT], though the BT remains available. If your facility uses a platelet function test not listed here, please add your comment.


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Bleeding Disorders
Jan 3, 2024 2:55am

HI, We offer PFA200 in 5 sites, though I note requests for PFA are declining. We also offer LTA done on Sysmex CS 5100. This has simplified the process, results often available in 30 min for all 6 agonists that we offer. Robyn Sullivan Nacolaides Pathology

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