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January, 2023 Quick Question: Tranexamic Acid

Our January 2023 Quick Question asks, What is the target of the anti-hemorrhagic agent tranexamic acid? For this question, the only correct answer is fibrinolysis. Here are the responses from our 57 participants…

  1. Factor V: 5 [9%]
  2. Factor XIII: 5 [9%]
  3. Fibrinolysis: 40 [70%]
  4. Prothrombin  4 [7%]
  5. Activated protein C 3 [5%]

This QQ is a learning tool that helps us understand fibrinolysis. Tranexamic acid [TXA, Cyclokapron, Pfizer], also epsilon-aminocaproic acid [EACA, Amicar, Akorn Pharmaceuticals] is a lysine analog that competes with plasmin to suppress fibrinolysis. TXA is used to reduce surgical bleeding.

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