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ISTH Poster: FVIII Deficient Plasma with VWF

Yesterday, July 12, 2022, at the ISTH annual meeting in London, England, the research staff of Precision BioLogic Inc., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada presented the poster:

Kesavan N, Rahman M, Sadeghi-Khomami A, Black KM, Wood A. Performance of FVIII deficient plasma with VWF in the activity measurement of FVIII replacement products in plasma samples using an OSC assay. Abstract: PB1177. The data illustrate that cryocheck Factor VIII Deficient Plasma with VWF supports quantification of FVIII activity when used in a one-stage clotting assay in plasma samples containing ADVATE, ELOCTATE, Jivi, Novoeight, and wilate in the range of 0.05–1.0 IU/mL, and those containing AFSTYLA in the range of 0.1–1.0 IU/mL. Judged by assigned potency of FVIII replacement products, cryocheck FVIII Deficient Plasma with VWF is comparable to that of congenital FVIII deficient plasma in quantifying FVIII activity in plasma samples containing replacement products, and better in the case of samples containing Jivi, Novoeight, and wilate.

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