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Hemostasis in Selected Populations

In Keohane EM, Otto CN, Walenga JM: Rodak’s Hematology; Clinical Principles and Applications, Sixth Edition, 2020, Dr. Linda Goossen provides a timely and clinically significant chapter, “Hematology and Hemostasis in the Pediatric, Geriatric, and Pregnant Populations.’ Owing to next-generation sequencing, the In-Vitro Diagnostics world continues to partition reference intervals, therapeutic target ranges, and treatments to include race, physical development stages, and the transgender population. The attached article is an example of treatment considerations in a defined population: Ndadza A, Muyambo S, Mntla P, et al. Profiling of warfarin pharmacokinetics-associated genetic variants: Black Africans portray unique genetic markers important for an African specific warfarin pharmacogenetics-dosing algorithm. J Thromb Haemost. 2021;00:1–17. Let’s continue to examine this issue; in what ways have you partitioned your reference intervals or therapeutic targets?

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