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I’ve attached an article from the September, 2018 issue of CAP Today describing the efficacy of emicizumab, Genentech’s synthetic “bispecific” antibody designed to bypass factor VIII inhibitor in hemophilic boys. The article illustrates how emicizumab (HemLibra) is turning hemophilia therapy upside down. Yesterday, October 5, 2018, HemLibra was additionally approved for all hemophilia A sufferers, not only those with inhibitors.

For we lab clotters, HemLibra, as well as the B-domain-deleted and the extended half-life factor VIII concentrates, is turning laboratory assay methods on their heads, as the clot-based assays PT and PTT are ineffective measures. You may wish to comment on how your laboratory is coping with or plans to cope with these new assay demands.

If you forgive a reference to my sponsors, Precision BioLogic Inc., please refer to our July 20, 2018 post that links our poster presented at this June’s ISTH meeting in Dublin describing a new chromogenic Nijmegen-Bethesda assay capable of providing accurate factor VIII inhibitor activity levels during HemLibra therapy.

Click or tap here to read the September, 2018 CAP Today Article, Hemophilia Drug Interferes with APTT-based Assays.

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