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FVL and AC Therapy

From friend, colleague, and frequent contributor Dave McGlasson: A friend contacted me about if her should be put on an anticoagulant. He is a 71 year old male who in 2004 suffered a DVT.  A subsequent work-up revealed he possessed a heterozygous factor V Leiden mutation. At the time of the clot he had been riding his motorcycle a lot and had high boots and leggings that compressed his legs. He no longer rides. His father developed thrombotic issues later in life. He has not had any reccurring clotting issues. Should he be considered now for anticoagulant therapy?

From George: Most hematologists would avoid anticoagulant therapy in the absence of any additional indications. For our participants, can you recommend a laboratory assay (outside the usual tests for thrombosis risk factors) that could help predict the risk of a new DVT or PE?

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Anticoagulant Therapy

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