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Fibrinogen Assay Reportable Range

Dear George, I am using an STA Compact from Diagnostica Stago. I would like you to throw some light on validating the reportable range of the fibrinogen assay which is 60–1200 mg/dl. How can I obtain plasma with such high levels of fibrinogen? Regards, Dr. Shabnam Roohi.

Hello, Dr. Roohi. For assistance I went to Dr. Ali Sadeghi-KomamiPrecision BioLogic Inc. He reports that PBI has a product called Cryocheck Normal Reference Plasma (CCNRP-05, CCNPR-10) which is a reference plasma with a known fibrinogen. It could be used for establishing the calibration curve after a serial dilution and usually covers up to approximately 11–12 g/L (12 mg/dL) fibrinogen. Further, the usual fibrinogen assay protocol requires a 1:10 dilution of patient plasma with a buffered diluent. Therefore there is actually no need to find a reference with ultra-high fibrinogen to establish such a wide range (0.6-12 g/L Fib) calibration curve. Usually the serial dilution does the trick, beginning with an undiluted specimen. Regards, Ali.

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