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Factor VII Inhibitor Assay

From Cemalettin Ulusoy, MD, Clinical Laboratory Specialist: I am setting up a hemostasis unit in the central laboratory of public hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey. As it is a rare disorder, I have not been able to get satisfying information on factor VII inhibitor screening [Bethesda-based method]. I would like to ask whether I am able to benefit from your experiences and to get information on Factor VII inhibitor screening from you.

Thank you, Dr. Ulusoy, for your question. I’ve attached a review article that details the prevalence of factor VII deficiency, approximately 1 per 500,000 individuals, and lists the number of cases in which an inhibitor to recombinant human factor VIIa concentrate arises, symptoms, and treatment. I’ve also attached an entry from the 2002 edition of the Coagulation Handbook, prepared and distributed by Exoterix Coagulation entitled Factor Inhbitor [Bethesda Titer] Assays. I hope these are helpful, and I invite comments from our participants who have had personal experience with factor VII inhibitors.

Attached: Ramezanpour N, Zaker F, Biswas A, Dorgalaleh A. Inhibitor in congenital factor VII deficiency; a rare but serious therapeutic challenge—a systematic literature review .J Clin Med 2021;10:211.

Fritsma GA. Factor inhibitor [Bethesda Titer] assays. In Coagulation Handbook, Esoterix Coagulation, 2002.

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