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Error in 2008 IL SCT Procedure

From Laura Paterek:

Are you sure the following statement in your article is correct? When a lupus anticoagulant is present, SCT Confirm becomes prolonged beyond the SCT Screen.  Normalization renders the SCT insensitive to warfarin. Doesn’t the confirm step decrease when LA is present?

Hello, Laura, and thank you for locating this misstatement in my May 15, 2008 description of the Instrumentation Laboratory HemosIL Silica Clotting Timeassay. You are correct, the statement should say, “When a lupus anticoagulant is present, the SCT Confirm step produces a shorter clotting time than the SCT Screen.”

I’m curious about how many labs are using the SCT; please comment below and describe how it is working for you in your lupus anticoagulant profile.

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