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Erroneous Factor Assay Order?

Here is a 9-21-23 follow-up from Dr. Emmanuel Favaloro to our provocative September 8, 2023 discussion, Arabic Numerals. “OK, here’s one from today! Specimen management staff booked the sample for factors XIII, IX, XI, and XII! FVIII was not booked in.”

Bob Gosselin responded, “Whatever is chosen, there will be those industrious few who will still figure out how to muck it up…nothing will be foolproof.”

Dave McGlasson responded, same day: Classic admin screwup. I strongly suggest we request some standardization use of the coagulation factor nomenclature. Dr. Favaloro would this be a good topic for Seminars in Thrombosis and Haemostasis?

Dr. Favaloro commented, “Hi Dave, maybe, but ISTH would be a better driver for change, and not sure if the ISTH SSC is all that keen to change the nomenclature, but your blog and George’s would be good forums to drive some discussion.

I [Geo] plan to compose our October 2023 Quick Question as a follow-up opinion poll about Roman versus Arabic numerals. I’ve also incorporated it into my talk in Portland, Maine, USA on Tuesday, October 17, entitled, “Clumsy Clinical Communication, Let’s Blame the Lab.” I will poll participants.


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