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DOAC-STOP In Vitro DOAC Removal and LAC

From Asha Rajai: Is it OK to use DOAC-STOP for lupus testing? Has it been approved by ISTH or CLSI?

Hello, Asha. Yes, DOAC-STOP [DiaPharma] and DOAC-Remove [Aniara] effectively absorb dabigatran, rivaroxaban, or apixaban from specimens that are submitted for lupus anticoagulant [LAC] testing, allowing for accurate PTT– and DRVVT-based screen and confirm assays for LAC. DOAC-STOP and DOAC-Remove are approved for use by the European Medicines Agency for all of Europe and are approved in Australia, but are sold for research use only [RUO] in Canada and the USA. I’ve attached a copy of our September, 2020 article, McGlasson DL, Fritsma GA. In vitro detection and removal of direct oral anticoagulants from patient plasma specimens. Annals of Blood, 2020 doi: 10.21037/aob-20-16 describing several DOAC-absorbtion devices, and also describing DOAC-Dipstick. I hope this is helpful. Click here for our publication: /sites/default/files/doac-stop_aob_pub_8-2020.pdf.

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