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Detecting DOACs in Urine

George has been in touch with long-time colleague and friend, Jeanine Walenga, PhD, Loyola University Medical Center. Dr. Walenga collaborates with Dr. Job Harenberg of DOASENSE® in development of the DOAC Dipstick®, a qualitative urine immersion strip that detects a DOAC within ten minutes. A pad for the thrombin inhibitor dabigatran and a pad for Xa inhibitors accompany a pad for creatinine and another for urine color. Dr. Walenga is conducting the first clinical trial in the US.
 The DOAC Dipstick, DOASENSE Reader®, and DOASENSE Control® urines received the CE mark in 2019, enabling the company to market in Europe. They are extending to the UK and have plans to market to the US.
Pertinent publications:

  • Harenberg J, Beyer-Westendorf J, Crowther M, et al. Accuracy of a rapid diagnostic test for the presence of direct oral factor Xa or thrombin inhibitors in urine-a multicenter triall Thromb Haemost 2020; 120: 132–140
  • Favaloro E, Lippi G. The pointy end of point of care testing for direct oral anticoagulants. Thromb Haemost 2020: 120: 11–13.
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