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December 2022 Quick Question: Thrombosis Risk Factor Profile Response

Welcome to 2023. Our December 2022 Quick Question, which drew 45 responses, asks, “What parameter is NOT part of your thrombosis risk factor profile? The answers were:

  1. Antithrombin [1, 3%]
  2. Protein C  [3, 7% ]
  3. Protein S [1, 2%]
  4. Prothrombin 20210 mutation [1, 3%]
  5. Lipoprotein [a] [38, 85%]

As anticipated, most of us have dropped, or never added, Lp [a] to our thrombosis risk profile, perhaps because even though an association with atherosclerosis has been confirmed, there has never been an effective therapeutic to reduce Lp [a] alone, thus no means to demonstrate that reduction provides a clinical advantage.

A November 28, 2022 Medscape conversation featuring Michelle L. O’Donoghue, MD, MPH, and Stephen J. Nicholls, MBBS, PhD discusses new methods that appear to reduce Lp [a] and provide a potential improvement in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, MI, stroke, and aortic valve disease. Click the citation below for the interview.

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