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D-dimer Controls

In 2008, John Olson, MD provided a lengthy comment on the variabilities of D-dimer assay results, and since then a look-back reveals the number of discussions we’ve held about the variability in D-dimer reporting and how this affects clinical decision making. In the years since Dr. Olson’s post little has been accomplished to harmonize D-dimer results.

There is a D-dimer issue we’ve never discussed: what control levels should we use to document D-dimer assay run to run precision. This is the subject for our March, 2018 Quick Question, which arises from several discussions George has had with in vitro diagnostics company scientists and medical laboratory scientists. Please review the QQ, located in the right-hand column of the home page, and offer your opinion. In the event none of the answers fit your practice, please provide a blog entry using either the “Contact” link on the home page or simply by emailing George at [email protected]. We look forward to your response.

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