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Correction to December 6 Post

A note from my friend and colleague, John Landis, who retired from the Clinical Laboratory Science faculty at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan a few years ago: “I just read the new Cheat Sheet and saw the question from Scott Millerand your response. Scott is a graduate of my Ferris State program, but he works at St Mary’s of Saginaw not Grand Rapids. He is one of the few grads of mine who I know became a clotter.”

Thanks to John and apologies to Scott for locating him on the Lake Michigan side of the state instead of Lake Huron. Also, I’m delighted that John’s teaching yielded at least one good “coag geek.”

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Anticoagulant Therapy
Jan 22, 2013 9:45am

LOL! Thanks for the correction George — as suggested by a
LOL! Thanks for the correction George — as suggested by a really great teacher and all-around nice guy, (my former) professor John Landis.

I actually corrected you about the Grand Rapids/St.Marys mixup about a year ago on another post, but did not want to bother you again with it.

John and crew were a great inspiration at Ferris State in Michigan when I was a student there (a few DECADES ago!) It is interesting to note the changes — not only in coag but in Clinical Lab Science in general — over that time.

As always, thanks for a great forum on up and coming topics in coag!


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