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Best Thromboplastin: Brain or Recombinant

Hi! We are considering to exchange our coagulation equipment and the reagents as well. What is the best thromboplastin, recombinant or brain thromboplastin? What is the best application for each of them? We’ve been using brain thromboplastin for years and now that IL has both, we have the possibility to choose. Our population is composed by inpatients and outpatients. Thanks for your attention.
Best regards,
Profa. Dr. Terezinha Paz Munhoz
Faculdade de Farmácia PUCRS
Chefe do Setor de Hematologia
Laboratório de Patologia Clínica
Hospital São Lucas -PUCRS

Hello, Dr. Munhoz, and thank you for your question. I have preferred recombinant thromboplastin for several years as its ISI is always near 1.0 and it is reproducible from lot to lot, however I’m posting your question in hopes of generating some discussion relative to the best applications for each. I hope to “hear” from our regular subscribers and contributors.

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