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April 2023 Quick Question: Prince Alexis

Our April 2023 Quick Question asked, “What was Russian Prince Alexis’s disorder? Our 41 participants chose:
  1. Hemophilia A [FVIII deficiency] 16 [39%]
  2. Hemophilia B [FIX deficiency] 15 [37%]
  3. Hemophilia C [FXI deficiency] 3 [7 %]
  4. Unknown 7 [17%]

While the bodies of the Tsar, Tsarina, three daughters, and servants were exhumed in 1991, the remains of Anastasia and Alexis were discovered in 2008. All were subjected to genomic sequencing that showed Alexis’s hemophilia was the result of factor IX deficiency, Hemophilia B, or Christmas disease, implying that the “royal” hemophilia of Queen Victoria’s family was Hemophilia B, generally a milder form than severe Hemophilia A, factor VIII deficiency. Click here for part one of our three-part presentation on Hemophilia, “Managing Hemophilia, Rasputin to Recombinants.”

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