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ADAMTS13 Deficient Plasma

From Bhavna Gaikwad, Sekisui, Inc. Hi, I am in search for TTP disease state plasma, typically ADAMTS-13 deficient plasma (n=20) with the presence of antibodies, for our validation study. I would like to know the commercial suppliers for these clinical samples. Thank you.

Hello, Bhavna Galkwad, and thank you for your inquiry. I know of no commercial suppliers for ADAMTS-13 deficient plasma, however I’ve contacted a researcher who may have some information on the subject. Geo.

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Mar 25, 2022 10:18am

Ms. Amina Ibrahim, we have a
Ms. Amina Ibrahim, we have a personal response to your inquiry. Please send your current email address to [email protected].

Mar 11, 2022 4:51am

Hi George Fritama,

Hi George Fritama, Are you aware of any commercial supplier for ADAMTS-13 deficient plasma? Thanks for your help! Kind regards.

Hello, Ms. Amina Ibrahim, and thank you for your inquiry. My search reveals no hemostasis reagent manufacturers are currently marketing ADAMTS-13 deficient plasma, though some are currently developing the product.

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