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77-YO Female Systemic Bleeding

George heard from a colleague who is looking for support on a provocative case. A 77-year old woman is experiencing systemic bleeding.

Key laboratory findings:

  • von Willebrand factor antigen: 200%
  • von Willebrand factor activity by ristocetin cofactor: 100%
  • Whole blood lumiaggregometry: no secretion (ATP release) to thrombin, ADP, collagen or arachidonic acid

Could this be acquired von Willebrand disease, type 2?
Acquired storage pool deficiency?

What test would you perform next?

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Bleeding Disorders
May 5, 2019 10:26am

Have to agree with Bob and Dr
Have to agree with Bob and Dr. Favaloro on need for information. Was a FVIII:C performed? what are the screening coagulation tests? Did they run ristocetin platelet aggregations (RIPA)? I would also like to see if her meds and supplements could have been interfering with the PLT aggs. Particularly was she taking something like a glucosamine supplement?

May 5, 2019 1:04am

Agree with Bob, that there is
Agree with Bob, that there is a paucity of information. I guess you can’t yet discount a type 2 AVWD as yet (ratio of RCo/Ag is ~0.5, so maybe some absorption of HMW VWF occurring somewhere), but doesn’t explain the PLT agg data. If you had VWF:collagen binding available, or VWF multimers, then you could get confirmation of a reduced HMW VWF. Alternatively, the VWF:Ag could be falsely high if the test was performed by LIA and the patient has high RF or human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA). The most striking results so far are the lack of ATP release. But have anti-plt meds been ruled out? At the moment, we don’t even have basic coags; for example, could be an acquired inhibitor, and the PLT agg data could just be anti-PLT meds. More basic clinical and lab data is needed…

May 4, 2019 7:49pm

From Bob Gosselin: Any
From Bob Gosselin: Any underlying disease problems such as stenosis, Jak2, MDS? What is the PLT count and MPV? Patient race? Any meds, either prescribed or OTC; herbals or supplements? Malabsorption? Prior bleeding history? Not sure why VWF:PLT type would result in no ATP release as noted with those agonists. Any other lab data? What made them think to do PLTAGG?

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