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George Fritsma

MS, MLS, Lab Scientist, Educator, Author

George Fritsma is a medical laboratory scientist, educator, and author. George contributed 10 chapters to Keohane EM, Smith LJ, Walenga JM: Rodak’s Hematology; Clinical Principles and Applications, Fifth Edition, 2015, Elsevier; and is the co-author of Bennett A, Fritsma GA, Ernst DJ: Quick Guide to Blood Collection Edition 2, 2016, Marques MB, Fritsma GA: Quick Guide to Coagulation Testing Edition 3, 2015, and Reddy V, Marques MB, Fritsma GA: Quick Guide to Hematology Testing Edition 2, 2013, along with three additional titles, all published by AACC Press. He is a consultant in Laboratory Medicine, Department of Pathology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he developed George holds faculty appointments with Rutgers University and Michigan State University, and is a member of the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis, American Association of Clinical Chemists, and American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

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Apixaban and Alzheimer Disease

Michele M. Reed participated in my [Geo] Michigan State University’s Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics graduate course, BLD 835 Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Her attached manuscript provides basic information about apixaban’s indications and efficacy and makes an intriguing reference to apixaban as a potential means for dementia management. Click here for Michele’s manuscript, “Can Apixaban Help Reduce the […]
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