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Mar 31, 2022 7:12pm
Our April 2022 Quick Question reprises our May 16, 2012 post, "Who Uses the Hybrid Curve?" but adds a twist based on May JE, Siniard RD, Taylor LJ, Marques MB, Gangaraju R. From activated partial thromboplastin time to anti-factor Xa and back again; the evolution of monitoring unfractionated heparin.
Dec 15, 2021 8:28pm
A recent comment [click] from Dr. Emmanuel Favaloro on our November 9 discussion of a system-wide geomean was posted 12/15/21.
Nov 8, 2021 11:36am
From Hillary Thurman: Here is some additional information, in response to Bob Gosselin's 11-6-21 response:
Nov 6, 2021 6:29pm
Hillary Thurman is looking for some insight, She writes, "We have recently standardized hemostasis instruments across our system. The rest of the system has been using a combined geometric mean for their PT reagent (same lot, same instruments), but my site has never been involved in this. In addition, they do not change the geomean between reagent lots unless the new lot geomean is more than +/- 0.3 from the current lot."