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Jul 21, 2020 9:26am
On Monday, July 20, Fritsma Factor sponsor Precision BioLogic Inc. announced  US FDA
Jun 27, 2020 7:58pm
A high school [secondary, prep school] teacher asked me [Geo] for a definition of thrombokinase. It sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it so I checked some online dictionaries. One wrote it was the same as platelet factor 3, which the dictionary misnamed platelet factor III; another said it was activated factor X, and yet another called it a synonym for tissue thromboplastin.
Nov 15, 2019 9:48am
George presents "Medical Laboratory Scientists Choose Wisely" today, Friday, November 15 at the Clinical Laboratory Managers Association of Georgia and Alabama, hosted by the University of Alabama at
Jan 30, 2019 7:53am
A pre-publication article, Young G, Perry D, The International Prophylaxis Study Group (IPSG). Laboratory assay measurement of modified clotting factor concentrates: a review of the literature and recommendations for practice. J Thromb Haemostas pre-publication, 1-22-19 provides advice on how to measure extended half-life and B-domain-deleted factor concentrates VIII and IX. The article illustrates the wide variations in PTT-based one-stage clot-based assay results for the various new preparations related to the various reagent activators silica, kaolin, ellagic acid, or polyphenols. The writers show that the currently available chromogenic substrate factor VIII assays recover reasonably accurate results for all preparations. Chromogenic factor IX assays are approved for use in only a handful of locations but provide accurate measurement of factor IX concentrate therapy.